Mango Smoothie Plus 11 Favorite Smoothie Recipes

About the recipe:

This mango smoothie is super creamy and unlike some smoothies, doesn’t break up as it comes to room temperature thanks to the creaminess of the banana base. I think it should be a rule that all smoothies include a banana. Creamy, potassium fortified. They’re a superfood for sure.

The key to sweetening up a smoothie is using extra ripe fruit. They may not be as pretty, but those concentrated natural sugars lend a sweetness that can’t be compared.

Yes, they’re called smoothies for a reason. But I still crave a little chew in my taste. So I like to top with a little extra coconut, some chunked up mango and for another protein boost I sprinkle on whole-grain chia seeds. What are chia seeds? They’re teeny tiny nuggets of complete protein and do double-duty since they contain all of the essential amino acids your body needs.

Chia seeds are completely optional in this smoothie, it’s your drink afterall, but if you haven’t tried them, you really ought to give them a try. They’re the perfect addition to this good-for-you smoothie blast.

If you don’t have Greek yogurt on hand, you can still use regular yogurt. It just won’t be as creamy or as protein packed. Greek yogurt makes this smoothie taste more like a shake than a healthy drink. Boom! Fooled the naysayers on that one.

To make this even more protein potent, add a scoop or two of vanilla protein powder. I like this brand because it’s the light version and has the same amount of protein but less calories.